Bidyets will transform the way customers and local service providers find each other

Game-changing online platform enables customers to post jobs online, and customer reviewed, local businesses, contractors and freelancers to bid on them

October 22, 2016 – Today marks the launch of Bidyets – a new platform for the sharing economy that connects customers with local service providers in a revolutionary new way. Bidyets vastly improves on the phonebook and old-fashioned web searches.

“If you have a job that needs to get done – from home maintenance and remodelling to car repair, web design to wedding photos – you simply post that job on Bidyets and wait for bids to roll in from customer reviewed, local businesses, contractors or freelancers,” says Perry Juttla, CEO of Bidyets.

“If you’re a business or an independent contractor or freelancer looking for customers, Bidyets enables you to bid on jobs in an open, transparent way. Bidyets is a win-win for consumers and service providers,” says Juttla.

What types of jobs can be posted on Bidyets? The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Bidyets allows anyone to quickly and easily outsource almost any task to a local, customer reviewed person or company. Local businesses, contractors and freelancers bid on the job and the customer chooses which bid to accept.

Similar to Uber and eBay, Bidyets is simple to use, and gives both buyer and seller the power to choose who they want to do business with, and on what terms. Customers and service providers review each other so other users can make better informed decisions.

The potential for a platform like Bidyets is huge: recent statistics indicate there are 53 million people doing freelance work in the U.S. alone, and that number is growing.

“What makes Bidyets unique is that anyone could post a job, and anyone could bid on a job,” says Juttla. “We’re all good at something. Bidyets allows people to connect any type of job to a local person or company that can do that job at a competitive price. It’s not about how expensive your ads are, or how big your sign is.”

“We believe Bidyets will enable many people to earn significant income, while making it easier than ever before to find contractors, freelancers and other service providers when you have work that needs to be done, and done right.”


Bidyets connects customers and local service providers on a simple platform that combines customer reviews and competitive bidding. Bidyets replaces the phonebook and the web search to offer a great user experience for customers, businesses, contractors and freelancers in almost any field to find each other. 

Perry Juttla, Chief Executive Officer


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